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You’ve landed at the Home of Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards where we have been making quality handmade pedalboards, accessories, amp stands, and custom pedalboards since 2013. We have a long history of making products that are beautiful, functional, and very affordable. 

The bottom line is that we are musicians too and we understand what it’s like to get quality gear. We also understand the struggle to afford the gear. We don’t do the 100% markup like the big corporate companies. We do this for a living and love what we do. Making happy customers every day is our goal.

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Slide Holsters

The Slide Holster 

Ever needed a cool place to rest your slides? Well Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards has got you covered. We make a three, six, and custom size Slide Holster. With a bunch of extras and finishes. Check them out today and you won’t be disappointed.

Custom Shop

Custom Pedalboards

This is where we can make your dream a reality. We can make’em small or super size. We offer 1/4″ solderless connectors, handles, and power inlets. Everything that you need to make your next KYHBPB pedalboard awesome! Contact us for details.

Amp Stands

Our Amp Stands

Our Wedge Amp Stands get your amp off of the floor and sounding amazing.  The little lift that they give is enough to make your amp sound completely different and louder.  Check out what we have just for you.  Customization is available on all models.