About Our Boards


"It's all about the wood"

Here’s the deal, it’s literally all about the wood.  It sounds crazy, but it’s true.  Every build starts out with the perfect selection of wood.  We use many different types to make our pedalboards.

Everything from poplar, pine, oak, cherry, cedar, hickory, birch, purple heart, and different oak as well as birch plys.  We even use recycled woods for some of our boards. 

"Quality Parts"

No matter if it’s a 1/4″ connector, power inlet, L bracket, screws, or even feet.  We use quality parts from the best manufacturers .  We don’t skimp on any of our parts and it shows with our end product.  We build them to last.

"We've made a lot of people happy"

“We’ve literally helped 100’s into their next pedalboard purchase”

We have so many models, styles, and colors to choose from.  If you don’t see something that you like, we can make you something custom.  

Heck if we can’t help you out, we will recommend you to one of our friends and other pedalboard builders that can.  Either way, we will help you get into a pedalboard.


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