The NEW Axe Angel Guitar Stand!

This is a NEW Patented Design that looks amazing and it is super functional.  How many times have you leaned a guitar on an amp?  Tons right?  How many times has the guitar fell over?  Probably half of that time.  Here comes the Axe Angel Design that cradles your guitar and holds accessories like picks, slides, capos, and even can hang a mic from it at gig.  Pretty awesome right.  

These are super affordable and they are easy to stash away in your guitar gig bag or other accessory bag.  They are made out of a birch ply and can be customized (See textured model shown in pics.) as far as their color if it is not a stock color we already use.(Small Fee)

PRE-Order this great stand today and get it FRESH off the blade.  We can have these ready to ship in 7-10 business days.

Axe Angel Details:

  • Made from strong Birch Ply
  • Window, so you can still see your amplifier knobs
  • Ability to hold accessories and use as a mic holder (See pics)
  • Many stains available
  • Single Accessory Holder
  • Customization available (Small Fee)
  • Works with most heads, cabinets, and combo amps

Patented Design 2019

Another cool feature is that the Axe Angel can be used to hang a mic from in a live or recording situation.

Colors & Stains

KYHBPB offers a lot of great colors and stains to fit your needs. If you don’t see a color that you like we can always make a custom color for you. Just send us an email to enquire about a custom color. Prices may vary on custom colors.


Axe Angel

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