The Mini Pedalboard

This is a pedalboard for folks that only have a handful of pedals, but still want a cool looking pedalboard. Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards does that for sure. We can even make it a custom color just for you.

Contact Us today to get a custom Mini Pedalboard started.

Mini - Front
Mini - Burned Mahogany
Mini - Side
Mini - Sedona Red (Oak) and Natural
Mini - Back
Mini - Red Cedar and Natural
Mini - With Pedals
Mini - Ocean Mist Glitter

Say hello to The Hot Box Mini Pedalboard

Price $45.00

Shipping $19.00

The top and sides are made out of a 12 ply pine plywood, sanded, and then clear coated. It looks amazing and it will keep you in your budget. This board is sturdy and it will definitely turn some heads at your next gig. This is great for Mini pedals. This is for use for smaller power supplies like Pig Hog Power or One Spot types.


  • Pre-Order this great Pedalboard today. We can have this cut, routed, sanded, burned, and ready for shipment in 7-10 business days. Order one fresh off the blade today!


We Offer many different colors.  Be sure to check out our stain and colors in our pictures.


  • Single Slit Access Port
  • Routed edges
  • 1 strip 2″ Velcro Hook and Loop
  • Holds up to four standard pedals more if you use Mini pedals.
  • Awesomeness Built In

Take it home today.

Pedalboard Dimensions:

  • 12″ wide
  • 5″1/2″ deep
  • 1″3/4″ front height
  • 3″ back height

Wood grain & paint design may vary slightly per unit.

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