KYHBPB NEws and Stuff!

KYHBPB Partners with Axe Angel

If you haven’t hear Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards has partnered with the company Axe Angel Guitar Stands.  We have started making their new patented and innovative guitar stands.  This is a great partnership that we are super pumped about.  We can’t wai for these things to hit the market 100%.  They are super affordable and practical.  All things that we love.  Check them out here.

new Features & Options on The Website

As all of you know we are constantly trying to offer the best options for all of our customers.  Well now we have added some really cool options such as wood type, side preference, back bar, holes, couplers, power inlets, and even side height preferences.  When you go to check out all of our models and go to the check out there are options to choose from.  How cool os that?!  Go check out all of our models here.

"The Latest State Of the Board Video"