The Rough Rider Large Pedalboard

This is a pedalboard for folks that have up to 10 pedals. They are very cool and can be customized to meet your specific style, just like our other pedalboards. The Rough Rider Large is a single tier slim pedalboard that is a quick get up and go, gigging pedalboard. It’s a bit larger than the Hot Box Standard to give you more room. Want some style in your life? Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards does that for sure.

Contact Us today to get a custom Rough Rider Large Pedalboard started.

Rough Rider Large - Textured Cognac
Rough Rider Large - Textured Cranberry
Rough Rider Large - Side
Rough Rider Large - Textured Ebony
Rough Rider Large - Back
Rough Rider Large - Ebony Top & Summer Oak Sides
Rough Rider Large - With Pedals
Rough Rider Large - Burned Pine With Handle

Say hello to The Rough Rider Pedalboard

Price $86.00

Shipping $23.50

This is one of our best selling larger Pedalboards. It is rough, and rustic. That is where the Rough Rider name comes from.  It can be stained, burned, and you have the choice of a 3.5″ routed handle for access or the center slit for access.

This board is designed to hold up to six standard pedals plus or more if you are using mini pedals. It is designed for use with a One Spot type of power supply or VooDoo Labs type.. To finish it off we put on a light gloss polyurethane coating.

  • This is a PRE-Order Pedalboard and can be built in 7-10 business days. Order one fresh off the blade today.
  • Please Note: We do make other stains and colors. Check out the color swatches in the pictures. Just send us a message if you would like something different.

The Rough Rider Large was designed for folks that only use a handful of pedals but still want the rustic look. We have had all kinds of musicians use these and love them. They are easy to pack up and set up.

Pedalboard Dimensions:

  • 19.5″ wide
  • 7″1/4″ deep
  • 2″ front height
  • 3″1/4″ back height
  • Clearance goes from 1″1/4″ at the front to 2″1/2″ at the back underneath
  • 3″1/2″ Handle Routed or Center Slit Access Available
  • Holds up to 6+ standard pedals
  • Holds up to 10+ mini pedals
  • 1 strip 2″ Velcro Hook and Loop

Wood grain may vary per unit.

Pictured pedals not included….sorry.

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