Services - What Do We Do?

Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards has been making quality handmade pedalboards, accessories, amp stands, and custom pedalboards since 2013.  We have a long history of making products that are beautiful, functional, and very affordable.  The bottom line is that we are musicians too and we understand what it’s like to get quality gear.  We also understand the struggle to afford the gear.  We don’t do the 100% markup like the big corporate companies.  We do this for a living and love what we do.  Making happy customers every day is our goal.

Rest assured, when you purchase from Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards you are getting the real deal and no phonies.  We are a Mom and Pop business and damn proud of it.  You want to experience a difference in your gear purchasing, then come and see us.  We’ll take great care of you….We’ve been doing it for years.