The Hot Box Standard Pedalboard

This is a pedalboard for folks that have up to six pedals. They are very cool and can be customized to meet your specific style. The Hot Box Standard is a single tier slim pedalboard that is a quick get up and go, gigging pedalboard. Want some style in your life? Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards does that for sure.

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Double Cut Access & Access Holes
Black Cherry Sides Summer Oak Top
Double Cut Access & Access Holes Side
Reverse Red Cedar
Double Cut Access & Access Holes Back
Teal (Poplar Wood) With Side Access
Double Cut Access Holes With Pedals
Black Cherry Relic

Say hello to The Hot Box Standard Pedalboard

Price $66.00

Shipping $23.50

Need a Custom Hot Box 2.0 Standard Pedalboard? 

We can do that.The Hot Box Standard is the one of our medium size pedalboards. It is designed to hold up to six standard pedals or up to ten mini pedals. These models are made out of Baltic Birch. This board is for use with a One Spot or Pig Hog type of power supply. You can add height to accommodate VooDoo type of power supplies.


  • This is a PRE-Order pedalboard and can be ready for shipment in 7-10 business days fresh off the blade just for you.

Additions, Colors, and Features:


  • See pics of stains and colors.  No additional cost for in stock colors.
  • Relic and Burned Effects can be added for an additional $10.00 per Pedalboard.

Dimensions & Features:

  • The Hot Box (W) 19″1/2″ x (D) 5 1/2″
  • 2″ front height
  • 3″1/4″ back height
  • Clearance goes from 1″1/4″ at the front to 2″1/2″ at the back underneath
  • Holds up to six standard pedals and eight mini pedals
  • 1 strip 2″ Velcro Hook and Loop

Add Ons:

  • Double Cut Access Top Access Slit $5.00
  • Black 1/4″ Mono Instrument Couplers – $16 installed each
  • Added Height (Left & Right) $5.00
  • Back Bar $10.00
  • 3/4″ Access holes (Left & Right) $5.00

Additional Width: Contact us for price

Pictured pedals not included……sorry.

Wood grain may vary slightly with each unit.

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