This is a pedalboard for folks that only have a couple or a few pedals, but still want a cool looking pedalboard. Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards does that for sure. We can even make it a custom color just for you.

Contact Us today to get a custom Itty Bitty started.

Itty Bitty - Front
Itty Bitty - With Mini Pedals
Itty Bitty - Side
Itty Bitty - Jacobean
Double Itty Bitty - Back
Itty Bitty - Burned Pecan
Itty Bitty - With Pedals
Itty Bitty - Multiple Colors

Say hello to The Hot Box “Itty Bitty” Pedalboard

Price $39.00

Shipping $19.00

This is a pedalboard designed for folks with only a couple to three pedals in mind. This pedalboard is the smallest that we make and it was originally a part of our custom line, then folks really started to like it. So…We decided to add it to the KYHBPB family of pedalboards. It is great for just a few mini pedals, or a couple of standard pedals. Bottom line this is the pedalboard solution for folks that only have a couple of pedals and want to keep it organized, portable, and looking badass!

These are stained or burned and then stained. They look amazing.

  • Pre-Order this great Pedalboard today. We can have this cut, routed, sanded, burned, and ready for shipment in 7-10 business days. Order one fresh off the blade today!

Right now we offer these in many different stains and colors. Be sure to check out the color selections in our pics.

Pedalboard Specs:

  • 9″ Wide
  • 5.5″ Deep
  • 1″3/4″ front height
  • 3″ back height
  • Burn and wood grain may vary slightly per unit.

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