The Po'Boy Pedalboard

This is a pedalboard for folks that only have a handful of pedals, want a low profile, but still want a cool looking pedalboard. Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards does that for sure. We can even make it a custom color just for you.

Po'Boy - American Walnut
Po'Boy - American Walnut (Back)
Po'Boy - American Walnut (Side)
Po'Boy - American Walnut (with Pedals)
Po'Boy - Jacobean
Red Cedar
Po'Boy - Red Cedar
Po'Boy - WTF White Relic

Say hello to our Hot Box Mini Po’Boy Pedalboard.

Price $35.00

Shipping $19.00

Being musicians ourselves, we’d like to think that we know you folks. One thing that we know is that we all work on a STRICT budget at times. The Po’Boy Pedalboard is exactly what you need. It’s light, compact, and will go into any backpack or small bag. Not only is this little guy functional, and affordable, it’s beautiful as well. For the price NO ONE can beat it. Pick up a Hot Box Po’Boy today!

  • Pre-Order this awesome pedalboard today. Build time is typically 7-10 business days before shipment. Get it fresh off the blade today.

These models can be stained any color and then add a polyurethane clear coat to finish it off. This is our great rustic Kentucky style at it’s best. It looks amazing and it will keep you in your budget for sure.


  • 1″ Single Slit Access Port
  • Routed edges
  • 1 strip 2″ Velcro Hook and Loop
  • Holds up to 4 standard pedals or 5 mini pedals
  • Awesomeness built in

Pedalboard Dimensions:

  • 13″ wide
  • 5″1/2″ deep
  • 1″ front height
  • 1″3/4″ back height

Wood grain may vary slightly with each unit.

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